CCPA - Financial Incentive Disclosure

Notice of Financial Incentive Pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act

We make available to customers rewards programs and other sweepstakes, contest, or and similar promotional offerings (each a “Program”), which include certain offers, rewards, discounts, services, perks and promotions (“Rewards and Offers”).  We collect, share, and retain personal information about participating customers as part of these Programs, which may be considered financial incentives under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).  We provide these Rewards and Offers in order understand and improve customer satisfaction and experiences and foster positive customer relationships.  The value of your personal information to us is related to the costs and expenses associated with making the Rewards and Offers available to Program participants (including IT, administration, direct costs, third party costs, and service development costs).

Your personal information is collected and retained, and may be shared with our franchisees and other third parties, as described in our Privacy Policy including in order (i) to administer the Program, (ii) for research and analytics purposes, (iii) to improve our products and services, (iv) to better reach you with more relevant, targeted ads and offers in-store, online, and on third party sites and platforms, and (v) to send you news, updates and offers by email, postal mail and text message (in accordance with your communications preferences).

You may withdraw from participating in a Program at any time by contacting us using the designated method set forth in the applicable Program terms.  Please note that if you withdraw from a Program (or you submit a CCPA request to delete your Program data), your participation in that Program will be terminated, which means, generally, that you will no longer be eligible to earn, use, access or redeem any Program Rewards and Offers, subject to the applicable Program terms.

Rewards.  Customers may join our rewards program to stay in the know about exclusive offers, sneak peeks, national deals, and local happenings.  Participants can earn rewards for qualifying purchases and access other Rewards and Offers.  For more information, please review our website.  

To join the rewards program, you must register for an account.  In order to register, you must provide us with certain information, including your name, email and phone number, and accept the rewards program terms and conditions.  We may also collect other optional profile information, such as your birthday (MM/DD) and your favorite menu items and ask you to participate in surveys and provide reviews and feedback. 

Other ProgramsWe may provide other Programs that may be considered financial incentives programs under the CCPA, including sweepstakes, contests and other promotional offerings or incentives.  For example, we may make available Rewards and Offers to customers that participate in one of our customer satisfaction or market research surveys or requests for feedback (“Surveys”).  To participate in a Program, you must register and provide us with certain personal information, which typically includes your name, email address and contact information, as well as your Survey responses (if applicable).  Some of these Programs may be administered by third party partners who may collect or receive your personal information in order to administer the Program and provide related services to us.